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Donovan Coley website image

Donovan Coley

President/CEO & President of the Foundation

Jeff Musick website image

Jeffrey Musick

Chief Financial Officer

Laurie Brumbaugh website image

Laurie Brumbaugh

Sr. VP of Philanthropy

Leesa Huston website image

Leesa Huston

Sr. VP of Donor Relations

Dusty Krause website image

Dusty Krause

Sr. VP of Program Operations

Karla Lipsey website image sml

Karla Lipsey

Sr. VP of Program Operations at Charis House

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Marissa Whitesell

Sr. VP of Human Resources

Brent Stachler website image

Brent Stachler

Sr. VP of Clinical Services

E. James Swift


Scott Figgins

Vice Chair

Ben Langel


Donovan Coley

Jeffrey Musick

Mark Warsco

Courtney Waterman

Chuck Reddinger

Tawana Isabel

Carrie Snyder

Lisa Surack

Seth Sailors