Emergency Services

Sustaining Life

The Rescue Mission provides immediate relief from hunger and homelessness.
The Bible tells us whenever we feed the hungry, clothe the needy or help the poor, we’ve done it as unto the Lord. Rescue Mission lives out this biblical teaching every day. Here, transient men stay for the night or a few weeks, while the needy in our community find three free meals a day, as well as, clothing, hygiene products, referrals—or simply someone to listen.

200 beds are available for men that come to The Rescue Mission.

Community Meals Program
Free meals are open to the public at 7 am, 12:00 pm, and 5:00 pm daily for men, women, and children of all ages.

Special meals are served in recognition of Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Over 250,000 meals are served each year.

Emergency Housing Ministry
Housing Ministry for men for 30 days. Basic needs, life coaches, and ongoing spiritual support are provided at no cost. This includes goal setting and referrals to other health and social service agencies. If an individual makes the choice for real change, he’s invited to enroll in one of the long-term programs if eligibility requirements are met.

Chapel Services
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7:00 PM - 7:30 PM