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  • If you have finances available to use (SSI, SSD, etc.), be willing to be accountable for the expenditure of any funds.
  • Willing to meet with a Case Manager on a regular basis and attend class/complete assignments.
  • Willing to follow all of our house guidelines and be able to complete daily household chores.
  • Be physically and mentally able to live in a community environment without significant staff assistance.
  • Give up employment temporarily, if applying for our Long-Term Program.
  • Remain alcohol and drug free.
  • Willing to complete a drug screen/breathalyzer when you arrive and random drug screens/breathalyzers throughout your stay.
  • Willing to comply with a two - four week “house restriction or house support” status upon entering. This means that you may be restricted to staying at The Mission or only leave the house for approved reasons (Church, Dr. appointments, court/probation appointments, etc.) with an approved support person.