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Coming full circle

The stories of Rescue Mission program graduates are far from over after commencement. Their time at The Rescue Mission is just another step in recovery and growth.

For Matt Gombos, the journey hasn’t been easy. A veteran struggling with addiction and PTSD, Matt came to The Rescue Mission and found transformation in Christ in 2017. He found a good job and his own place, but later in 2017, Matt was in a terrible accident one night on his way to work.

The accident required Matt to have surgery, which led to a long recovery. But his troubles were far from over.

“I walked around for a year not realizing I had a bone infection,” Matt said. “I had to have a second surgery where they took out and replaced all the metal from the first surgery. I nearly lost half my leg.”

Unable to work and unable to pay for his place, Matt found himself in a tough situation. He was welcomed back to The Rescue Mission with open arms.

“To me, being a graduate, I should be out there on my own and thriving,” he said. “(The Rescue Mission) has been so helpful. And it’s been great for me because this is one of the few relationships in my life that I’ve been able to hold onto and not ruin because of myself.”

As Matt recovered, he was connected to one of The Rescue Mission’s partners, the Northeast Indiana Construction Alliance. They were able to connect Matt with the Laborer’s Union, where he will begin working as an apprentice. He had his first meeting with them last week and is waiting to hear about his start date.

Not only are things looking up for Matt with this opportunity, but he’s been told he might serve on the construction crew that will be working here in Fort Wayne at 404 E Washington – the location of the new Rescue Mission.

“It still hasn’t set in yet,” Matt said. “I can imagine myself visiting the new Rescue Mission and saying, ‘Hey, I laid that block!’ Talk about coming full circle!”