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Connected Through Prayer

Located in the Electric Works Campus of downtown Fort Wayne is PrayerWorks, a faith-based prayer room. While the rest of the city of Fort Wayne shuts down for the evening, this prayer center stays open 24/7 to welcome visitors anytime day or night.

PrayerWorks started as just a vision in 2018 by passionate and inspired local pastors. Then, through prayer, donors, God’s hand guiding the process and faith, PrayerWorks came to life. Since opening its doors in January of 2023, it has been a welcoming environment for all.

The purpose of this facility is to host God’s presence 24/7, a citywide initiative that is a part of a larger, global movement. This is a movement to bring prayer, worship, and mission together in unity.

Matt Haberman, Spiritual Pastor at The Rescue Mission and Regional Director of 24/7 Prayer, believes that this open and safe space for prayer can bring community together. “Prayer connects us to God and to one another so that His purposes would be furthered and fulfilled,” Haberman said. “The prayer room has brought prayer for the forefront of so many things around Fort Wayne, and we have testimony after testimony of how the room has been a part of godly change in people and organizations.”

PrayerWorks is available if you are looking connect with God at a quiet place, have someone pray alongside you, or spend time with God in a designated space.

Upon entering the room, your eyes are immediately drawn to the large wooden cross in the center of the room, a symbol for the center of PrayerWorks around Christianity. There are personal prayer areas or chairs to invite guests to gather around the cross. There is a upstairs loft and even a private prayer room. Scripture adorns the walls. Some events, individuals even lead live worship.

Jordan Latham, a Philanthropy Office at The Rescue Mission, recently had the opportunity to be a PrayerWorks host. The host is there to greet visitors and come alongside them in prayer. “The Prayer Room is such a serene place to be with God,” said Latham. “Whether you are passing through quickly or set intentional time with the Lord, whether you come along or with others, it is a seamless, and peaceful experience,” Latham shared. “I really enjoy volunteering as a host there as it’s a simple way to connect with others and helps keep this special place open for others.”

One way unity is achieved through PrayerWorks is by bringing together various churches and denominations together in partnership. “There has been a continuous stream of stories of individuals and churches that never had anything to do with one another, meeting in or through the prayer room, who are now friends, partners, and fellow pilgrims,” shared Haberman.

Churches and organizations can serve as hoss days and hours at the prayer room.

“First and foremost, we encourage people to visit and spend time in the room,” Haberman said. “We want people to experience the Presence of God and let Him move in them. Then you can be a part of helping your individual churches and organizations be involved in hosting and providing support to the room.”

If you are interested in getting involved as a church, organization, or individual, visit here for more resources: