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Floyde's new beginning

In 2018, some of Rescue Mission’s Life House staff noticed a gap in services. The Rescue Mission wasn’t able to properly walk alongside men just out extended periods of incarceration and get them what they needed. Staff put their heads together and came up with a plan, and that’s when Phase Re-Entry was born.

Phase Re-Entry is The Rescue Mission’s enthusiastic response to a simple question: How can we best serve, through the power of Jesus Christ, men who are coming out of extended periods of incarceration? Phase Re-Entry focuses on five goals: walk alongside men as they grow in Jesus Christ, offer men structure and community, equip men with time to adjust to a changed world, strengthen men vocationally, and ready men for affordable, sustainable housing.

In January, the first three men who completed Phase Re-Entry were celebrated, and recently, The Rescue Mission celebrated the next man to complete Phase Re-Entry: Floyde.

“I’ve seen Floyde become a support to fellow participants and a leader at The Rescue Mission,” said Phase Re-Entry creator David Pitcher. “He’s been taken off high-risk probation. Floyde beat the odds. He beat the statistics. He acquired a job and a vehicle.”

Floyde said that after a year and a half in prison, he knew he needed some time to soul search.

“This program gave that to me,” Floyde said. “I knew what I wanted coming out of prison, but I needed to find that right path.”

Floyde was guided by Galatians 6:7, “…for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.”

“I spent many years doing things the wrong way, and I ended up in prison,” he said. “I had to rethink everything and do things the right way. I’ve made good friends here. We’ve supported each other and encouraged each other several times. Finishing Phase Re-Entry is the start of positive things for me.”