Light Shines Further from a Hill

One evening this winter, I stepped out of my office and almost ran into a gentleman on a cot in the hallway. My heart was overjoyed that The Rescue Mission was able to provide him and others with a warm place to sleep, but my heart also broke that we had run out of room in our dorm and in the chapel.

Moments like these are why the City on a Hill capital campaign is so important. The need for more space is great and urgent, and our new location will allow us to further carry out our mission of “providing, through the power of Jesus Christ, a home for the homeless, food for the hungry, and hope for their future.”

Because of the people of Fort Wayne, we are getting closer and closer to the goal of reaching a greater number of those in need and sending our beacon of hope further. The support we’ve received for our City on a Hill capital campaign has been so overwhelming. The campaign has brought in over $11 million thus far, but we are facing an urgent need of another $5 million for an imperative groundbreaking in September. Our new location is now prepped for building, with all the required permits and approvals ready.

Your advocacy and prayers are key to this project becoming reality, and greater Fort Wayne benefits from your friendship and partnership. Each day we reach another milestone of the capital campaign, it proves we can shine brighter together. More lives will be touched and transformed because of your kindness. Join us today.

As we continue to need more space, and with the looming timeline of the downtown development plans, it’s crucial that we raise the funds needed as soon as possible. Will you partner with us in our mission of changing lives for good?

The city benefits greatly from your generosity, and we’re grateful that you understand our pressing need for support.

Together, we can get men off of cots, into beds and programming—and eventually—integrated as thriving members of our community. When the new building is completed, it will be because of those like you—who know a city is a community. Thank you for being a part of ours.