More than a thrift store

Greg*, a man who was just evicted from the motel he was living in, sat down with a Rescue Mission staff member, looking for a place to stay. After he agreed to follow Rescue Mission guidelines during his stay, he asked, "Can I get some clean clothes, please? I've been in the same clothes for two weeks."

Staff were quick to help Greg get what he needed for the night, but their generosity didn't stop there.

"I'm going to give you a voucher for Treasure House," one of our staff members told him. "You can pick out four pairs of pants, four shirts, some shoes, and a belt. That will get you started."

While Greg was also told about the life coach he'd be working with, the meals he would receive, and about the potential for entering a program, he appeared most grateful for the clothing. Not only that, but the fact that he would be able to shop for what he wanted at the store, not just given a pile of clothes. Dignity begins to be restored by giving people the opportunity to shop for what they want.

Treasure House is not just a thrift store.

When you donate to Treasure House, you're donating to a ministry of The Rescue Mission. You're helping the men, women, and children in our community who are facing a homeless crisis.

Treasure House vouchers are also given to men and women who have recently graduated a Rescue Mission program. That couch and chair you donate to Treasure House may soon be in the very first home someone has ever had.

The importance of Treasure House doesn't stop there. Men and women receive vocational training at Treasure House, giving them experience to put on a resume.

And, of course, Treasure House is a great place to get a deal on new and gently used clothing, home accessories, furniture, and more. Your purchases support the life-changing programs at The Rescue Mission.

Thank you for choosing Treasure House as your favorite donation location! You can rest assured that your donation is put to good use, right here in Fort Wayne.

* Name has been changed.