The Rescue

The Rescue Band a light for the Mission

Almost 29 years ago, Randy Hood was asked to preach at The Rescue Mission. Without hesitation, Randy agreed.

“I knew this is where the Lord Jesus had called me to preach, teach, and lead them into His presence as a worship leader,” Randy said.

Randy wasn’t always a Christ follower who wanted to help those less fortunate. Actually, he himself was homeless after losing everything to drug and alcohol addiction. His turning point came on a night he was planning to commit armed robbery and kill anyone who tried to stop him.

“God revealed to me, inside my spirit, that I wouldn’t kill anyone and that I would be the one who would die that night,” he said. “I sobered up in a hurry, and I begged Jesus to forgive me, have mercy on me, and to please help me. And He did! That very night I left that lifestyle free of all additions, and I started worshiping and following Jesus Christ, telling everyone what a miraculous thing He had done for me!”

God has continued to work in Randy’s life, and he doesn’t plan to ever quit spreading the word of God. He retired at 52 with 33 years of experience as an air traffic controller, licensed pilot, real estate developer, owner of E. Randolph & Associates, published author, and more. But these days, Randy finds great joy in being the lead singer of his band, “The Rescue Band.”

“A couple of years ago, I was asked by Pastor Donovan Coley if we could take this gospel fire that was inside The Rescue Mission out to the community,” Randy said. “So I formed a band called “The Rescue Band.” Now we do benefit concerts to help the down and out and to raise public awareness of the needs of The Rescue Mission.”

Randy is joined by Brad Kamphues on bass, Sage San Martin on drums, and Scott Booker on lead guitar.

The Rescue Band plays Christian rock, but their sound varies with different songs. Randy also loves the sound of the blues, as he grew up in the Mississippi delta.

Randy and The Rescue Band are busy playing concerts all around the Fort Wayne area, always hoping to point people to Christ, while also raising awareness about God’s work at The Rescue Mission. Each concert, the band collects needed items that will support the men, women, and children at The Rescue Mission and its ministries.

“(Our concerts) give our local community the opportunity to take part in introducing others to Christ while helping the down and out get back on their feet,” he said.

Learn more about The Rescue Band and their upcoming benefit concerts on their Facebook page.