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Homelessness is a real issue.
But the real issue isn’t homelessness.

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The face of homelessness is more familiar than you may think.

In Northeast Indiana, homelessness is hidden in plain sight—but it shouldn’t be out of mind. Every year, more than 3,000 people live on the streets, sleep in their cars, crash indefinitely on friends’ and family members’ couches, live in hotel rooms, or exist on the brink of eviction or foreclosure. Your homeless and near-homeless neighbors include young people, single parents and families—and their struggles impact your entire community. Your support is critical to providing care for these individuals served at The Rescue Mission.

To fight homelessness,
we must heal hopelessness.

Homelessness is a real issue. But the real issue isn’t as simple as a lack of housing. Substance use and mental illness sometimes contribute, but these struggles are often compounded by underlying trauma, social isolation, physical or emotional disabilities, job loss and lack of skills.

For those facing a homeless crisis, a meal and a warm bed are short-term solutions. A job interview may not be enough, especially for someone without job skills, childcare or reliable transportation. Government lacks the capacity to fully meet needs, and our city leadership relies on organizations like the Rescue Mission to facilitate assistance. Furthermore, local supportive organizations’ resources are spread too thin. For those in need, the path to full restoration can be complex and difficult to navigate. This is why your monthly gift is vital to providing the necessary resources to combat the true causes of homelessness.

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We provide more than a meal and a warm bed.

At the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission, our Christian ministries address the true causes of homelessness. Your important investment helps us to meet immediate needs by offering food, clothing, shelter and basic healthcare. And for individuals who choose to make a commitment to real, lasting change, your monthly gift provides restorative programs to help them build confidence, gain skills, heal from trauma, recover from addiction and gain access to life-saving resources.

After nearly 120 years serving your community, we are uniquely equipped to help those facing a homeless crisis. Our staff includes trained experts and our Community Resource Center connects individuals to other local health and human service agencies. From the moment someone walks through our doors, they are offered one-on-one guidance in a safe, structured environment—treating everyone with compassion, dignity and respect.

Rescue Mission by the Numbers.

The annual impact of your generous financial support:

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Our on-site medical clinic has reduced local emergency room visits of this segment by 60%—saving local hospitals over $1 million annually.

2,134 unique individuals are served annually and connected to resources.

More than 300 people each year commit to restorative programs that help them thrive.

More than 650 individuals annually participate in job and vocational training.

More than 600 people each year are connected to vital community resources.

With your help,
we’re changing lives for good.

As a community, we are only as strong as our most vulnerable neighbors. By supporting the Rescue Mission with a recurring monthly gift, you help those facing a homelessness crisis move from merely surviving—to thriving.

Becoming a monthly donor ensures that your gift makes a positive impact all year long. It’s an easy way to show your compassion without the need to write multiple checks or open dozens of fundraising mailings.

By spreading your gift into monthly installments, it also lets you give more generously—and stay connected to the Rescue Mission’s life-changing ministries.

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