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Our Blog Entries

A Look Into Outreach

Posted: 09/2/2022

“We have long wanted to offer specialized care and intentional resources to those struggling with mental illness in our community,” says Coley, “and The Outreach Program is our answer to that.”

The People's Prayer Room

Posted: 08/25/2022

Under the direction of Pastor Matthew Haberman, Director of Spiritual Care, a space has been set aside for those who seek peace and prayer throughout the day.

Mental Health in Homelessness and Poverty

Posted: 07/12/2022

In 2020 alone, 1 in 5 US adults experienced a mental illness. Among adolescents aged 12-17, 1 in 6 experienced a major depressive episode. With the continuing coronavirus pandemic, climate anxiety, and other stressors on the rise, mental health concerns are only projected to increase.

Read on to find out why our mental health matters, and how mental illness is a disproportionate burden on those of us facing homelessness and poverty.

Down but not out

Posted: 06/24/2021

After coming to Fort Wayne for a job, Stan found himself in a drunken spiral.

Homelessness: More Than Lacking Shelter

Posted: 05/26/2021

It is difficult to see someone living on the streets. It makes us uncomfortable. It’s a life that’s nearly impossible for most of us to imagine, to understand what it’s like to have no home. But, homelessness is more than not having shelter.

Finding a home

Posted: 02/26/2021

Robert was an alcoholic his whole life. He received his first DWI when he was only 16 years old. He lost his daughter when she was ten months old.

Light in the dark

Posted: 01/7/2021

Consumed by alcohol for 35 years, Lance was living in true darkness. He had no sense of reality and felt he had lost complete control over his life.